Kitteh vom: my favourite thing

Marvellous. Just returned from the Post Office to find that One Of My Wife’s Cats* had decided that the living room carpet was missing a feline accoutrement and that a pile of puke was just the thing to complete the feng shui of the room.

* We have four cats; Willow is officially Erin’s cat and Chairman Miaow is officially my cat. Molly and Toothless are unofficially Erin’s and mine respectively. However, whenever any of them does anything bad they are all Erin’s cats. Capitalised and italicised for emphasis, too. As in:

“Once again, Your Cat has just covered my hat wth hair”.

4 thoughts on “Kitteh vom: my favourite thing

  1. Psh, it was probably Chairman. :p

  2. It was definitely not Chairman – he was off somewhere outside having an adventure at the time :-)

  3. Been there. In fact, just last week our cat Busy was starting to convulse and vomited in mid-air while Andrea was picking her up. Ahh the joys of being a pet owner.

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