So, Bud, how about those instant replays now?

If you thought you’d never see a worse umpiring call than the one Jim Joyce made to rob Armando Galarraga of a perfect game last year, Jerry Meals comprehensively proved you wrong last night.

This might be the worst umpiring call in the history of organised baseball.  If there was a worse one – one that was not made because the umpire was corrupt – I’d like to see it. And this to gift a walkoff run in the 19th inning too – what a way to lose a game. No wonder Clint Hurdle looked like he was going to blow a head gasket.

With the technology available today, on decisions as critical as this and Joyce’s there is no excuse whatsoever for a call this bad to stand unchallenged and uncorrected. If Meals genuinely thought Lugo was safe, he should be immediately removed from the umpire roster. There is no excuse for an error that egregious.

Of course, if Major League Baseball had a commissioner with any decision-making cojones, he would, for the good of the game, give in to the clamour for instant replays on decisions such as this and Joyce’s and cease confining them to home run calls. But as we all know and Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports describes so well here, it does not, it has Bud Selig.

Animal silliness

As everyone knows, the Internet is primarily used for two things:

Posting pictures of your cats

As much as I love the latter and am a proud daily contributor myself, the one thing I enjoy even more than I Can Haz Cheezburger is pictures of animals – especially, but not exclusively, cats – being jackasses towards other animals or, better still, humans.  I happened upon a site called Animals Being Dicks, and as the TV ad says, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Marvellous.