Wet cat

It’s decidedly odd weather we are having here today: alternating periods of warm sunshine and dark skies with very heavy rain and wind.  If it’s still raining when my Incredibly Cute Wife gets back from London I had better go pick her up from the station otherwise she’ll end up like a drowned rat.

A thoroughly wet Toothless recently appeared in my office. I’m surprised at this; he’s not normally one to hang around outside and get his paws wet if it’s raining. I got a towel and dried him off which he seemed to appreciate.  It’s very noticeable that wet cat smells a great deal better than wet dog. Well, noticeable if you’re the kind of idiot constantly who frequently huffs your cat’s head and belly. And now Chairman has reappeared with only his tail damp.  Again, I’m surprised; Chairman is definitely one to stay outside when it’s wet – he’s never shown any sign whatsoever of being bothered by a spot of rain. When he’s outside he comes in when he’s bored or hungry, not when it’s raining. Speaking of Toothless, I was making lunch earlier when I heard a familiar chugging sound from outside the kitchen door. He was busy throwing up a bunch of grass on the hall carpet. Which was nice of him.

Kitteh vom: my favourite thing

Marvellous. Just returned from the Post Office to find that One Of My Wife’s Cats* had decided that the living room carpet was missing a feline accoutrement and that a pile of puke was just the thing to complete the feng shui of the room.

* We have four cats; Willow is officially my Incredibly Cute Wife’s cat and Chairman Miaow is officially my cat. Molly and Toothless are unofficially ICW’s and mine respectively. However, whenever any of them does anything bad they are all ICW’s cats. Capitalised and italicised for emphasis, too. As in:

“Once again, Your Cat has just covered my hat wth hair”.

Don’t lock out the kitty!

I was just downstairs taking care of a small matter at 4 a.m. when I heard some scrabbling outside. I thought nothing of it, then heard some mewing and fairly pitiful mewing at that, which I assumed was coming from the living room. The thing is… our cats don’t do pitiful mewing, at least not unless I’m in the kitchen and Chairman follows me in wanting treats. And the mewing sounded very much like it was right outside the front door. Which made me think “When was the last time I saw Toothless?” I concluded that “Many hours ago” was the answer. So I shut the other three in the kitchen and unlocked the front door. Sure enough, ss soon as I opened it a crack, in he darted, looking decidedly sorry for himself. Poor Toothless, I’ve never seen him so keen to get in the house. He was cold and hungry (not that he isn’t always hungry) and very happy to see me.  He must have slunk out when my Incredibly Cute Wife last opened the patio door around 10 p.m. and she didn’t notice him. Tut tut.